Houston Baptist University basketball player Darius Lee was killed in a shooting in Harlem and eight others were injured.

At least nine people were shot dead – including a 21-year-old college basketball player who was killed – after a shooting broke out early Monday morning at a rally in Haarlem.

IN New York Police Department said officers responded to the signal to fire around 12:40 a.m. at 139 East Street and Fifth Avenue. When officers arrived, they found five people with gunshot wounds on a sidewalk on the FDR Highway, just below the Madison Avenue Bridge, and were transported to a local hospital. Four other victims were also taken to hospital.

“It’s Weekend for Father’s Day. This is a weekend where people should have been able to have fun with their families, but we are here to provide an update to New Yorkers about the many people shot early this morning, “said New York Police Commissioner Kichant Sewell. press conference on Monday morning. “The brave people responsible for this are exactly what our officers are fighting every day to make our city safe.

A total of seven men and two women were injured in the incident early in the morning. Although the male victim has not been identified by police pending family notice, a spokesman for his college identified him Monday as 21-year-old Darius Lee. Police say the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital after receiving a gunshot wound to the torso.

Jeff Sutton, director of media relations for the athletics program at Baptist University in Houston, confirmed to The Daily Beast that Lee was “one of the victims” of the deadly incident. He added that Lee, who graduated from a Texas school with a degree in sports management, is a star on the basketball team.

“The upcoming season would be his senior year and he was the leading scorer in our conference,” Sutton said, noting that there was no further information on Monday’s shooting.

In a separate statement to The Daily Beast, Houston Baptist University confirmed that Lee should graduate in December and was recently named Robbie Robertson, male student athlete of the year. He also “was a second-team selection from the All-Southland Conference for the 2021-22 season and led the Huskies in goals and rebounds and was sixth in the nation in match stealing.

“He was a very good young man who had a very bright future ahead of him both on and off the court. “Unfortunately, this is another example of the senseless gun violence that seems to be plaguing our country at the moment, and we are all praying that it will stop,” said Steve Moniacci, HBU’s director of athletics.

St. Boys High School Raymond, where Lee also graduated in 2019 confirmed the grim news of his “pointless passage” which left their community “heartbroken and devastated.”

“Apart from being a great basketball star, he was a phenomenal human being and a young man who lived such a positive life, succeeded in school, on the court and in life,” the Bronx school said in an Instagram post Monday that included a photo of Lee . “These senseless acts of violence must stop … such a tragedy.”

An eyewitness said WABC TV that she was sitting in her living room when “sporadic shots” began to ring. The publication also reported that the age of the victims ranged from 21 to 42 years New York Daily News reported that the incident happened during a preparation for Father’s Day, organized by a local rapper, and that the shooting broke out while he was shooting a video.

Francisco Batista, who was wounded in the shooting, told the paper that he remembered bullets “flying past my hair.” The 24-year-old said he simply kept running after being shot in the finger, which was so badly broken that doctors say he may have to have it amputated.

“I heard about five to seven shots,” Batista, who escaped to hospital on his own after the incident, added to Daily news. “It simply came to our notice then. If I didn’t turn around at the last second, the only reason he hit my hand, not my side, was because I turned around. “

It was like, “Tooth, tooth, tooth!” And then he stopped and picked up again, “Broom, hum!” You know, there were so many shots, “the witness told WABC. “At first I thought it was a fireworks display. and then I thought, “No, it can’t be.”

While authorities are still investigating the motives behind the shooting, New York Police Deputy Chief Brian McGee said he believed the incident took place on a barbecue or “something of that nature.” He added that a gun was found at the scene, but refused to provide information about possible suspects and called on all witnesses to provide information.

“We know there were a lot of people there,” McGee added.

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