MLB Weekend Summary: The Blue Jays are coming from behind to the top hot Yankees; The trout burns the Mariners again

The Major League Baseball season in 2022 has already expired in mid-June, about a month after the All Star break, and is starting to approach halfway. As noted last week, this is just the good old grind.

What did this weekend bring us? Let’s take a look.

The focus of the weekend

On Friday, Francisco Lindor’s mother came to watch her son play in person for the first time since she suffered an aneurysm that led to a stroke in 2020. There have been fears ever that she will never be able to travel again, but she was finally received a travel permit and did so with the help of Francisco’s wife, Katya.

“My wife was very emotional, telling me that I would receive one of the greatest gifts for Father’s Day. I said to myself, “Okay. “Something’s going on,” Lindor said. via

“My mother surprised me and my whole family. She fills my heart. I’m playing the game for my mother and my whole family. Having her here at the moment is a victory for me. It’s a victory for the whole family.”

Lindor’s first bat, well, see:

He is always horny and wears his heart on his sleeve and everything else, but you can certainly see a little extra juice that rounds off the base first and then after he crosses the home plate there. Beautiful.

He was going to be a homer again on Saturday and scored seven runs in three games.

Yankees lose on Sunday, but continue to crush the competition

The Yankees had just been cleaned Rays when they had to go on the road for what was supposed to be another big series against Blue Jace. They took the first two games of the series and then had an 8-3 lead on Sunday before the Blue Jays came back with a huge 10-9 victory. The big hits were a Grand Slam by Lourdes Guriel and a three-run home run by Theoscar Hernandez.

The Yankees did threaten in the ninth, but closer to Toronto, Jordan Romano managed to close the rescue and ensure that the Blue Jays saved the series’ final.

After all, it was an extremely successful week for the Yankees. They swept the rays home and then took two of the three to Toronto. The four best in AL East now:

  • Yankees
  • Blue Jace, 11 games ago
  • Rays, 13 GB
  • red socks13.5 GB

The Yankees’ next victory, by the way, will be their 50th of the season. They will have a chance to reach this stage on Monday, when they start a set of three matches in St. Petersburg against the Rays.

Trout continues to fire Mariners

The Angels finished a five-game streak against the Mariners on Sunday, winning 4-0. Trout, as he usually does, continued his recent rise, scoring his fifth home run of the set.

Trout came in on Sunday after scoring five goals (four of them home runs) in his first 16 bats in the series. He also took a pair of walks, giving him a .313 / .389 / 1.063 slash over these four races. On Sunday, he made a home run with two runs, his 21st of the season, in the fourth inning to bring the Angels 2-0:

Trout already has 33 home runs in his career at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park, putting him 16th in the all-time standings at the stadium. He will equal Franklin Gutierrez for the 15th when he brings out his 35th. The Angels are scheduled to travel four games to Seattle in early August, suggesting Trout could do so.

The Angels, behind Trout’s hot blows, took four of the five from the Mariners.

Padres loses Machado; suffer a swing against the Rocky Mountains

Padre had a difficult Sunday in more ways than one. Besides seeing third baseman and MVP candidate Manny Machado come out with an ankle injuryThe Padres dropped out of the 8-3 Rocky Mountains race, ending the weekend.

The fifth inning turned out to be a bugabu for the Padres, as starter Blake Snell and revealer Stephen Wilson combined to pass five runs. This included a three-run home run against Randall Grichuk, who led the Rockies 6-1.

The Padres will eventually fall behind 8-1 before the home run in the eighth inning by Austin Nola reduced the deficit to five.

The Padres will now return home after beating 23-11. It is worth noting that the victory of the Padres, combined with the loss of the Dodgers, would lead to the entry of San Diego in the new week with a single possession in the first place. Alas, this was not to be.

Heading into the weekend series, almost all of NL East’s focus was on defending champions. Hey, they’re the champions. There will be an inherent bias towards them if they get hot. It just works that way. “Watch out!” we will all cry. And, oh boy were they hot They won 14 consecutive games with a differential of +60 in this section. Yes, they beat weaker teams, but that’s what great teams do, and overall the goal is to beat 2/3 or even 3/4 of the time against bad teams. But they won 100 percent of those 14 games.

Meanwhile, the little ones they had just lost 10 in a row and were pretty well crushed on their own during that stretch. The Braves visit to Wrigley would certainly continue the series.

Only the Cubs took the opening on Friday 1-0. Then they won on Saturday. The Braves managed to win on Sunday, but still lost a series to a terrible team that played perhaps its worst baseball of the year.

The Mets had seen their lead of 10 1/2 games drop to four, but while the Braves gave up the first two games of their series, the Mets won two against Marlins. Things turned around on Sunday as they lost, but still won their series, while the Braves missed theirs.

The Mets’ lead is now 5 1/2 games. It was cut in half, but they are still very much in control.

In the meantime, we must not forget about Phyllis. They lost on Sunday, but won the first four of a series of five games against the unfortunate Nats. They are now 15-3 in June and although the first place is very far away, they are again a player in the NL wild card mix. In fact, they are probably where the line of NL contenders ends, as the next one will be this one Diamondbacks and Marlins.

pirates Avoid sweeping behind Suvinski

IN Giants – who entered the series with a hot series – took the first two games in Pittsburgh and then jumped to a 2-0 lead in the first inning on Sunday. That is, he had the talents of “business care” from a good team against a rival. However, the start of the Pirates Mitch Keller would be established and the Giants would not score again until they equalized in the ninth. However, the pirates – well, the sensation rookie Jack Suwinsky – should not have been denied. Suvinski put on the belt of the three of us, Homers, including one of the walks.

Suvinski already has 11 home runs in 148 bats in his career. It hits just 0.230 with 0.296 percent on the base, but the threat of a home run is present every time it approaches the plate, and this was illustrated by the presentation of the clutch on Sunday.

On the deck

Giants in Braves (four games starting Monday): Both teams are in the playoffs, although close The brewers and Phyllis is not far away. As we approach July, fighting for positions in the dispute is really fun and four players between two of them raise.

Metz at Astros (two matches starting on Tuesday): A potential review of the world series? Of course, it is possible, so it makes it remarkable. They have been two of the elite baseball teams all year, so the expectation is that we will see great baseball.

Astros at Yankees (four games starting Thursday): We’ll have more to talk about when it gets closer, but it’s a real battle for the Titans. These are obviously the two best teams in the American League and it looks like they could give us an epic ALCS from seven games. Remember that Astros knocked out Yankees at ALCS in 2017 and 2019.

Red Sox c Guardians (three games starting Friday): It’s probably too early to start watching the spots, at least it would be if we watched hard. Still, these two teams are in the middle of a fight for last place, so the clash may end, which means that something will come at the end of September.

Dodgers in Braves (three games starting Friday): NLCS rematch against two potential (probably?) Playoff teams? Yes please. We don’t need extra juice for that, but we will accept it, as this will be the first time Freddie Freeman has played in Atlanta for an opposing team. We will hope that there will be no boos, but smart money is heard at least a few.

Phyllis c Padres (four matches starting on Thursday): A review of the playoffs is possible, but here it is probably more important to look at it as a test for Phyllis. They are struggling to move to the playoffs, and a series of four national matches at Petco against this headquarters is a difficult task. However, they did well in such a situation. The last trip west they took three out of four at Dodger Stadium.

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