Oklahoma Suners beat Notre Dame and advance to the Men’s College World Series Finals

OMAHA, Nebraska – Cade Horton set a career-high 11 in six innings, Tanner Tredaway continued his turbulent postseason with three goals, and Oklahoma took control of his brace in the College World Series with a 6-2 victory over Notre Dame on Sunday night. The Sooners (44-22) need another victory to qualify for the best of … Read more

Texas A&M Aggies Cruise, “Use This Energy from the Crowd” to Eliminate Texas Longhorns Rival in Men’s College World Series

OMAHA, Neb. – In the maddening wait, before Mika Dallas takes the race in the rivalry on Sunday against Texas, the right-hander of Texas A&M thought deeply about one piece of advice: This is just another game. But it was the World College Men’s Series, and Dallas couldn’t help it. He threw himself on the … Read more

“Trans women competing in women’s sports do not endanger women’s sports”

Two months after becoming the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship, former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Leah Thomas rejected some of the criticism she received in the 2021-22 season in an exclusive interview with ABC News and ESPN. Thomas, who turned down all requests for an interview at the NCAA … Read more